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Our Speakers

The following are some profiles of just some of the great members and speakers of our great organization. Remember, as a member you have access to all these folks as part of the membership.

Speaker Bio’s

Dr. Ted Morter

Practicing the principles he teaches, Dr. Ted Morter III, has truly mastered “Being the BEST me ever…right now!”

He combines his inner passion with outward purpose to motivate to the maximum! Dr. Ted is CEO of Morter HealthSystem and a founder of Dynamic Life Training seminars of North America, one of the fastest growing personal and professional development companies teaching health and wellness techniques for well over 40 years.

An international speaker, B.E.S.T. Master Instructor, trainer, author, researcher, and Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Ted develops and directs world-wide wellness training/treatment programs including the BEST Life Intensive Tour, the ever popular HealthWeekend for Wellness and the rapidly expanding B.E.S.T. Trainings for health practitioners.

With thousands in attendance, his programs reflect his personality of passion for the very best of everything he does! Exciting, motivating, and eye-opening are typical descriptions of his health and wellness trainings, literally keeping participants on the edge of their seats. Dr. Ted truly takes a no-nonsense approach to training by incorporating accelerated learning technologies to ensure participants learn at optimum, retain at maximum, and apply immediately, the knowledge to ensure peak performance for the rest of their lives! The changes are seen immediately by participants and the results are lasting!

Dr. Ted Morter is considered to be one of the most exciting speakers on the subject of health, wellness, and personal development, both nationally and internationally. He has worked closely and shared the stage with some of the top authors and speakers in the world including: Dr Barbara DeAngelis, Jack Canfield, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr James Oschman, Janet Atwood, Dr Fabrizio Mancini, Dr Bob Hoffman, David Wood, T Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, and many more!

Hundred of thousands of participants have come from around the world to attend his programs and have had their lives transformed both personally and professionally.

Joel Bauer

The Los Angeles Times said it best: “There are thousands of live-marketing spokesmen/presenters/pitchmen at events. Joel Bauer’s client list is a breed apart: Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Cargill, Disney and Panasonic, to name a few.” Over 150 million people have experienced Bauer’s Infotainment presentations internationally, live and on television.

Bauer’s over thirty years on platforms presenting/closing with predictive precision, enabled Joel to create a proven and transferable system to generate significant revenue on/off stage—eliminating the four decade learning curve. Joel has designed turn-key closing presentations for Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Marko Rubel, Mark Yuzuik, Jeff Hockings, Ed O’Keefe, Ron Romano and Joe Polish to name a few, with pitch/system creation fees ranging from 100K-350K+.

Bauer has mentored 438 of most profitable speaker and speaker-coaches which include:

Mark Victor Hansen, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Terri Levine, Paul Lemberg, Adam Urbansky, Marko Rubel, Lynn Rose, Harry Dent, Jordon Belfort, Brad Fallon, Mike Citron, Rick Otton, Ed O’Keefe, Judeth Wilson, Paul MaGuire, Steve Jackson, Glenn Dietzel, Jennie Armato, Aussie Rob Wilson, Jennifer Puterbaugh, Doug Ottersberg, Eban Pagan, Mark Yuzuik, Dr. Erich Breitenmoser, Dave Lindahl, James Malinchak, Scott Deming, Dave Lakhani, Debbie Allen, Joe Polish, Eve Michaels, Mal Emery, Jeff Hockings, Bill Duquette, Roger Salam, Ron Romano, Sean Seshadri, Lou Brown, Benjamin Hoskins, Jennifer Cloake, Edwin Kelly, Sabrina Gibson, Mark Anthony Bates, Mike Koenigs, Louie Pinto, Steve Baker, Jon Gianne, Roberta Faddoul, Rick Otton, Larry Benet, Scott Deming, Doug Huggins, Chet Rowland, Martin Howey, Robert Allen, Ted Thomas, Joanna Martin and Christine Comaford…

Bauer is the co-author of “How to Persuade People Who Don’t Want to be Persuaded”and “Gravitational Marketing”—with a new book about to be released. Joel’s been featured in Wired Magazine & the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV & CNN Television shows…

Joel currently conducts two transformational boutique trainings personally: The Passion2Profit Weekend Reinvention enables people to identify and monetize their true passion–generating revenue and freedom doing what they love, offline and on.

ProfitPoint Speaking Business Mastery empowers people to speak, persuade and profit using Joel’s proprietary presentation and closing systems, to generate significant revenue through teleseminars, webinars, platforms, turn-key personal events and one-on-one intimate presentations. Joel only accepts 50 students (by application ONLY) to personally mentor–from 9:00am to 7:00pm for 7Days & 6Nights, with no guest speakers, fluff or anything else to buy.

“After applying Joel’s presentation systems, language patterns and closing structure, I’ve increased myback-room sales by 15-20% consistently. The seven day and six night boot camp was themost comprehensive I’ve experienced, and that’s after over 30 years of events. Bauer’s follow-up video trainings are the best in the business–I’ve already received over 132…”

Ted Thomas, Speaker, Author and Mentor

“I could have saved over $500,000.00 and two-decades of training as a speaker/marketer if I’d found Joel Bauer first. My sales are ten-fold plus…”

– Dr.Jeff Hockings, Speaker and Author

Joel resides with his wife and three children in Southern California.

ical Nutritionist with the International Association of Applied Clinical Nutritionists.

Blaine Athorn

Since 1984, tens of thousands of people throughout the world have participated in Blaine Athorn’s live training programs. Along with his general public seminars Blaine has created and taught custom designed in-house training programs for companies such as Xerox, Texas Instruments, Aetna Insurance and The Hartford Insurance Company, just to name a few.

Some areas of his expertise include; sales training, direct marketing, memory training, the art of negotiating, and leadership skills. One of Blaine’s training philosophies is that if you make learning fun and interesting you will most likely retain that knowledge and benefit greatly in both your professional and personal life.

Ron Ball

Ron Ball is one of America’s foremost public speakers. He’s been speaking in front of packed crowds since the age 15, presenting live business seminars to more than 8 million people in 21 countries. With 11 books on financial and life management to his name, he’s also a prolific bestselling author with book sales topping nearly two million copies.

As president of the Ron Ball Group, Ron Ball is a recognized business turnaround expert; he has tought aggressive problem-solving strategies to more than 12,500 business people. He’s spoken his words of wisdom alongside such figures as Zig Ziglar, former President Ronald Reagan, John Wooden, Charles Stanley, John Maxwell and many others.

Over 10,000 business professionals have attended Ron Ball’s seminars on problem-solving. Ron’s unique jump-start techniques can help any business or person get going and growing from the very first day.

Comments about Ron Ball

“Thank you for this powerful session! The words and phrases shared will be very helpful to me as I go back to my job and communicate to employees, co-workers, & clients. This will really help me as I work my GIN Hot Leads!”

Arte Maren

Arte Maren has received rave reviews across the United States, Canada, and Europe for his seminars, training, and consultations on improving the skills of business and living, resulting in increased company and individual worth. Over the past 25 years, Arte has addressed audiences in the tens of thousands assisting individuals in achieving their business and personal goals more effectively, and with less stress.

Arte has appeared on radio and television all over the world, including such shows as Larry King and Voice of America.

For the past four years, his television show Businesswise has been broadcast on some 50 cable television stations throughout the English speaking world.

Arte has been a trainer and consultant for such companies as Bank of America, Nestle Corp, Del Taco, Teledyne, and hundreds more. Arte is an informative speaker who not only motivates and entertains an audience, but also provides them with creative tools which they can use to improve their business and their personal lives.

Joe and Annette Hochman

Joe Hochman and his wife Annette have been very effectively enabling happiness and success for thousands since 1968. They have worked in partnership as personal counselors since 1980. They are living proof that personal happiness can be achieved and couples can have happy, stable, lasting relationships using the methods they teach.

Joe Hochman and Associates have an extensive client list including Academy Award winners, TV stars, corporate chief executives, doctors, professional people, and popular and classical music stars. Their clients travel from all over the world for their services.

Joe and Annette Hochman have helped countless clients over the past 40 years to be truly happy and successful in their personal life, their relationships and their businesses.

Joe and Annette Hochman’s clients often report greater happiness, success in business, improved health and a renewed enthusiasm for life. You can discover previously hidden tools they don’t want you to know about to become free of anxieties, fears and depression and how you can help others. A breakthrough has been made. Find out what it is.

Joanne M. Callahan

Co-developers of Thought Field Therapy®, and co-CEOs of Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

Joanne is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and received her MBA in Healthcare Administration from California State University – San Marcos.

She is Director of the Thought Field Therapy Training Center and publisher and editor of The Thought Field, a quarterly newsletter, and the ATFT UPdate, a quarterly e-zine. She is trained in TFT at the Advanced and Voice Technology levels. She is the only person other than Dr. Callahan certified to teach all levels of TFT.

Joanne Callahan co-authored Thought Field Therapy and Trauma: Treatment and Theory, Stop the Nightmares of Trauma (with Forward by Jack Canfield, co-author Chicken Soup for Soul® Series), and Chapter 12, Thought Field Therapy: Aiding the Bereavement Process, in Death and Trauma: The Traumatology of Grieving.

Joanne is President of the ATFT Foundation, USA and UK chapters, and currently serves on the board. She is also an officer for the professional organization, Association for Thought Field Therapy.

Click here to join Joanne in learning TFT at an advanced level.

Roger J. Callahan, PhD

Founder and developer of the Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy, Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Syracuse University.

Dr. Callahan is the author of:

  • It      Can Happen to You: The Practical Guide to Romantic Love (a Book-of-the-Month Club selection);
  • The      Callahan Anxiety Pictures      (a projective test to measure anxiety)
  • The      Five Minute Phobia Cure (published      in USA – Enterprise, France & Germany)
  • The      Anxiety Addiction Connection      (published in USA, France & Germany)
  • The      Rapid Treatment of Panic, Agoraphobia and Anxiety (Doubleday)
  • Why      Do I Eat When I’m Not Hungry?      (Avon)
  • Stop      the Nightmares of Trauma(Professional      Press, USA and VAK in Germany), with Forward by Jack Canfield, co-author      Chicken Soup for Soul® Series;
  • And the newly released Tapping the Healer Within (Contemporary, McGraw-Hill). This latest book has been      translated and is available in the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Chinese,      French and soon to be Taiwan and Norway.

Other credits include:

Past President of the American Academy of Psychologists in Marital and Family Therapy and the Michigan Society of School Psychologists. Dr. Callahan has taught at the University of Michigan and Syracuse University.

Associate Professor at Eastern Michigan University and Michigan’s Wayne County Training School.

Current Fellow of the American Academy of Psychotherapists Treating Addiction.

Dr. Callahan has had private psychotherapy practices in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Indian Wells, and La Quinta, California.

Dr. Callahan has demonstrated the Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy on radio and television shows all over the country including Good Morning America, Cable Network News (CNN), Evening Magazine, Regis Philbin, Tom Snyder, LEEZA, Jenny Jones, Regis and Kelly, and many others. Phil Donahue devoted an entire program to Dr. Callahan and his work on “amouraphobia.”

Currently licensed in New York and California, Dr. Callahan heads the Thought Field Therapy Training Center in La Quinta, California (a Palm Springs community). The TFT Training Center conducts trainings in Callahan Techniques® TFT and publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Thought Field.

Dr. Callahan is Chairman of the Board for the professional organization for Thought Field Therapy.

You can visit this website for Dr. Roger Callahan Books and training programs.

Ed Foreman

Dr. Ed Foreman started out as a poor farm kid and became a self-made millionaire at age 26. He is the only person to be elected to the United States Congress from two different states (Texas and New Mexico) in over 150 years! He has enjoyed a close working relationship with six U.S. Presidents and has served in both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. Dr. Foreman holds an Honorary Doctorate degree from New Mexico State University, where he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He is a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

He is a motorcycle, sports car, and hot air balloon enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer and international traveler. Dr. Foreman is also a board member, officer, or major stockholder of a dozen successful corporations in real estate, construction, restaurants, transportation and petroleum development. He has been recognized for his remarkable leadership, worldwide, in the special education and counseling of more than 30,000 graduates of his renowned, life-enhancing “Successful Life” course.

Dr. Theresa Dale

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP, practicing for nearly 3 decades, is the pioneer of safe natural medicine including homeopathic hormone rejuvenation with 20,000 case studies proving efficacy.

Dr. Dale has authored two books; Transform Your Emotional DNA and her latest book Revitalize Your Hormones Dr. Dales 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier and Sexier You. Dr. Dale has invented 150 products including a medically-proven homeopathic alternative to dangerous hormone replacement therapies and the only Five Element Saliva Test in the world.

Dean, California College of Natural Medicine, Ventura, CA.
President & CEO, The Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc, Ventura, CA.
Inventor of Non-Toxic Remedies and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming (Emotional Release Technique for Professionals).

Dr. Dale has degrees as a Naturopathic Doctor, and a PhD in Health Sciences and is also a Certified Clin

Mary Miller, M.S.W.

Mary Miller was born and brought up in the Boston area. She has a Masters Degree from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. For many years, she practiced as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. As a practicing therapist, Ms. Miller specialized in working with parents who had experienced pregnancy and early childhood losses including multiple miscarriages, stillbirths and Sudden Infant Death. During this time she authored two books entitled Transformation Through Birth and Ended Beginnings: Healing Pregnancy Losses which are on the market today. She is a well-known lecturer and teacher, working with health care professionals as well as grieving parents.

In 1984, she gave a up a very successful career and retired from traditional mental health to pursue what she believed could be more effective, alternative pathways to alleviating mental and emotional distress, which she believed could be more effective. She and a group of friends formed a company called The Gentle Wind Project. The Project was a non-profit education and research group dedicated to finding alternative pathways for alleviating mental and emotional distress based on the principles of eastern medicine. The group believed that talking in the form of therapy, although helpful to some people, was not enough to alleviate so many of the hurts and wounds that many people had incurred.

The Gentle Wind Project developed an effective technology and became known worldwide for their non-toxic, non-invasive handheld instruments. The instruments were used in hospitals, schools, clinics, and by health care workers in more than 30 countries. For over 20 years, Ms. Miller was the international spokesperson for this company. She wrote numerous articles and spoke on behalf of the Project on radio and television programs around the globe. In 2003, The Gentle Wind Project became the target of an aggressive Attorney General from the State of Maine who actively joined with a cyber smear campaign to destroy this alternative technology and the reputations of its developers. Mary Miller and her colleagues fought back but were ultimately defeated and forced to close their Project.

A month later, they opened a new company to pursue their technology. The company is now called I Ching Systems. In the fall of 2009, Ms. Miller released a book called Caught in the Act of Helping exposing in documented detail the unethical and perhaps illegal behavior on the part of Maine government officials who worked so hard to stop this alternative health technology. Like Kevin Trudeau, government authorities worked very hard to silence her and destroy her efforts to change people’s lives. Mary Miller and her colleagues refused to be silenced. She fought back. She is here today to discuss with you the secrets to good mental health and emotional well-being.

Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing Losses

It’s ALL About Relationships!

It’s ALL About Sex: What Drives Your Sexual Engine?

CAUGHT in the Act of Helping

Joe Sugarman

Joseph Sugarman is Chairman of JS&A Group, Inc., BluBlocker Corporation, DelStar Publishing and President of a bio-tech company, Stem Cell Products, LLC—all based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He was born and raised in the Chicago area and attended the electrical engineering college of the University of Miami for three and a half years before being drafted into the U.S. Army in 1962.

He then spent over three years in Germany where he served with the Army Intelligence Service and later with the CIA. Returning home, he formed a company to market Austrian ski lifts in the United States and then later formed his own advertising agency to service ski resort accounts.

In 1971, after six years of running his own ad agency, he saw micro-electronics as an exciting opportunity and formed a company to market the world’s first pocket calculator through direct marketing—all from the basement of his home in Northbrook, IL.

His company, JS&A Group, Inc., soon grew to become America’s largest single source of space-age products, and he eventually introduced dozens of new innovations and concepts in electronics during the ’70s including the pocket calculator, the digital watch, cordless telephones, computers and a variety of other items. Each product introduction was made in large, full-page advertisements, which became the recognized signature of his creative work. He wrote then and still writes all his own advertising copy for print and TV.

In 1973, Sugarman’s company was the first in the United States to use the 800 Wats line service to take credit card orders over the telephone–something that direct marketers had never done before.

In 1986, JS&A changed its marketing focus and started selling his line of BluBlocker® sunglasses, which he sold in direct mailings, mail order ads, catalogs and on TV through infomercials, TV spots and QVC, the home shopping channel selling over 20 million pair over the past 24 years.

In 1979, Sugarman was selected as the Direct Marketing Man of the Year in New York. In 1991, he won the prestigious Maxwell Sackheim award for his creative career contributions to direct marketing.

Sugarman is also a published author with six books to his credit. His first book, Success Forces was published in 1980 by Contemporary Books and he has completed three marketing books based on what he taught at his exclusive seminars–Advertising Secrets of the Written Word, Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick and Television Secrets for Marketing Success. In addition, his book, Triggers: 30 Sales Tools You Can Use to Control the Mind of Your Prospect to Influence, Motivate and Persuade is currently sold out but his most recent book, The Adweek Copywriting Manual is available on and in most bookstores.

Sugarman was also the publisher of the Maui Weekly, one of the fastest growing publications in Hawaii for over six years before selling it to the local daily newspaper on the island in 2004.

In 2005 a group of scientists presented Sugarman with a series of bio-tech compounds that utilized the latest peptide and stem cell technology in helping to expand the life span of the human race. Sensing the opportunity to not only extend life spans but to be responsible for helping millions of people live a better more youthful life, Sugarman agreed to head a company to market a series of products utilizing this new technology.

After four years of research, product development and testing, several of the products are now ready for sale. They include a skin care line called Signals—one that utilizes the signals from adult stem cells. He will also be unveiling a bio-available form of Glutathione—an anti oxidant that boosts the immune system, facilitates the removal of heavy metals from your body and finally reduces inflammation. In addition, there is a anti-addiction (smoking, alcohol and drugs) product providing vitamins for the brain—helping to replace the neurotransmitters lost as a result of the addiction. Other products include a pain relief cream, an endurance and focus drink, a product to help the heart in heart patients and several others soon to come off the drawing boards.

“My purpose in life to leave a legacy of helping people live long and healthier lives and I sincerely believe we have the technology and the products to do that now, says Sugarman.

Dr. McCombs

Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC, is a third generation graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic (1984). He is licensed in the states of California, Illinois, and Arizona. He is a member of the California and Illinois Chiropractic Associations, the International Association for Specialized Kinesiologists, and the American Holistic Health Association. Dr. McCombs developed The McCombs Plan which is a detoxification and dietary plan that counters the detrimental effects of antibiotics and reestablishes the normal body flora, detoxification pathways, and regeneration cycles of a vital, youthful, and healthy body.

His 26 years of ongoing research and practice emphasizes addressing the nutritional, environmental, emotional, structural, and biochemical aspects of achieving exceptional health in his patients. Dr. McCombs’ research focuses on analyzing data gained from microbiology, immunology, biology, physiology, neurology, toxicology, endocrinology, glycology, and gastroenterology research, as well as associated studies in environmental and obesity fields. An innovative forerunner in the continuously evolving fields of advanced healing arts, Dr. McCombs has worked with Olympic and Professional athletes, dancers, CEO’s, and people from all walks of life. He currently consults with people from around the world.

His book LifeForce : A Dynamic Plan for Health, Vitality, and Weight Loss is time tested and based on functional analysis of how the human body functions and interacts in this modern world.

Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN

Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN, is the CEO, Premier Research Labs, past president IAACN (International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists). He has five international patents pending for the development of stable probiotic derived compounds that are normally unstable high energy nutritional compounds including DHLA, CoQ10H, B Vitamins, Melatonin and more. Dr. Marshall has authored many publications and is the host of a nationally syndicated nutrition Q & A broadcast called Healthline aired continuously since 1986. He is co-developer of an acupuncture based, analytical system for determining individual nutritional needs and locating bio-field energetic blockages called QRATM, Quantum Reflex Analysis.

Jacques Patenaude

Jacques Patenaude It all started back when I met my girlfriend Linda, now my wife for the past 35 years. We left our small towns for the big city with only a gym bag each & no education, no money, so love. We started in a furnished room with no contact with anyone for over a year. I worked for the government for 12 years as a civilian I then started my own business in Martial Arts in 1979 with one student only. Today we have 25 franchised schools and are celebrating 30 years in business this year. We have 4 children ( 3 boys & 1 girl) who are all in the martial arts business and own their own schools. We also have 4 grandchildren (3 girls & 1 boy). In 1989 I received a very special book titled The Neo-Tech discovery. Neo Think has been a complete blessing for the past 20 years. Joining GIN was a breakthrough in seeing so many like minded people coming together. Me and my wife are in awe with Mr. Trudeau accomplishments and his personality, he is truly a marketing genius and his friend Mark Hamilton as well. Over the years I have not received too much recognition and that is what I experienced right away as a GIN Member & Founder. My goal is to become a billionaire and bring a ton of people with me starting with my owners of my Martial arts franchises of Fang Shen Do Kung-Fu. Maybe also one day bringing my knowledge and sharing my expertise with the organization and sharing what I know. Sincerely, Jacques Patenaude Other Founder Spotlights Brian Baschnagel John Foster Steven Hinz Issa Fiad Steve Koss Perry Kiraly Brandon Kramer Greg & Joy Kramer Lawrence Palmer Jacques Patenaude Rashawn Dante Pouchie Velda Roberts Dr. Vince Savarese Humberto Sousa Kenneth Townsend Robert Trudeau.

Lee Beymer, DOM, Lic. ACUP.

Lee Beymer is licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Florida and as an Acupuncturist in Colorado, and is certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Lee has also completed Biofeedback training and has attained National Biofeedback Certification. Lee studied and now practices the modalities of Bio-Energetic Medicine, Painless Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Classic and Complex Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy,

Essential Oils and Quantum Emotional Clearing TM

Lee attends over half a dozen seminars and conferences each year to continue to grow as a practitioner and as a person. Lee is a Life Teacher and Holistic Healer with over 25 years experience and has facilitated and helped transform thousands of people lives.

Radiant Health Center®

The Radiant Health Center® offers a broad array of alternative healing practices through Bio-Energetic Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, and many of the latest technologies and products.

Bio-Energetic Medicine

Lee Beymer has been practicing in Aspen for over 12 years, successfully treating many conditions and thousands of patients ranging from newborns to 90+ years old. Typical for Aspen, Lee’s clients have included many Millionaires, Billionaires, Movie Stars, Internationally famous Sports Stars, Personal friends of the last 8 Presidents,
as well as “normal” people from all walks of life!

Many clients have come to Lee when they have not gotten the results they had hoped for through more conventional means. Although most insurance companies do not cover these kinds of therapies, the popularity of it continues to increase due to its effectiveness. Bio-Energetic Medicine works to balance the body, mind and spirit and is truly preventative medicine. Often energetic imbalances are able to be harmonized long before they result in pathological or physiological problems. Likewise, obscure and unusual pathogenic imbalances are able to be detected and rectified before they become apparent. This type of approach is beneficial for all who are striving for improved health and well-being. Radiant Health is a state of being

Quantum Emotional ClearingTM

Quantum Emotional ClearingTM (QEC) is a new technology invented and practiced exclusively by Lee Beymer and his Certified Team of QEC practitioners. QECTM is a form of Energy Therapy that accelerates one’s growth by releasing “stuck” energy patterns. This instant therapy sidesteps the “talk it out approach,” rapidly helping people to clear negative emotions like anxiety, pain, stress, depression, fear, sadness, worry, addictions, and self-sabotage. QEC is an Advanced Technique developed to quickly work through the accumulated emotional “stuckness” that so often holds one
back from true success. QEC is used to accelerate one’s growth by instantly clearing lifelong issues allowing for rapid advancement and increasing conscious freedom..

As of the summer of 2011, Lee has successfully taken 6,000+ people through this process, with profoundly transformational results. Over the last several years Lee has deepened the QEC work through additional discoveries leading to the clearing of core issues. This work has produced even greater results in the process of truly freeing individuals from repetitive blocking patterns, allowing access to higher levels of well-being than ever before.

In Quantum Emotional Clearing TM, negative energies are exposed in the light of consciousness while confirming the acceptance of your Self. During this process, specific acupuncture meridian points are tapped, causing these energies to loosen and release from the matrix. This leaves you clearer and calmer, free to explore a new level of enjoyment in life, unencumbered by the past. Thus, one can become who one truly is.

Quantum Emotional ClearingTM (QEC) can be done in person or over the phone. We have clients in every major city in the US, every country in Europe, South and Central America and many in the Far East.

Fred Van Liew

Fred Van Liew is the leading expert in water, air, and energy as they relate to your health internally and externally. He has acquired a unique understanding of many natural, non-drug healing methods and maintains continued interaction with the providers of effective health care. This allows him to productively communicate with and support the efforts of these professionals, as well as develop effective solutions to water, air & energy pollution now found in our environments, solutions that allow for the most optimal health benefits and response. Now known as the “Water Doctor”, Fred has twenty-five years of experience in natural health care.

Why does Fred do it?

In 1987, Fred’s life changed when his son was poisoned with fluoride and metals from the local water consumed by his wife during conception and after birth. This infuriated Fred, since he thought he had done his homework and had purchased the best water filter for his home. No one had told Fred what the particular filter he purchased would NOT remove all chemicals. This lack of knowledge had placed a heavy burden on his son’s health.

Fred resolved to find out what every type of filter and filtration did and did not do. Matching his knowledge of filter performance with what he had learned about body function at the cellular level, Fred determined what kind of water the body needed as an end result. Not finding a single filter that was able to remove the fluoride and all the other health compromising chemicals and dissolved solids in the water, Fred started combining different filters and technologies to obtain pure, oxygen-rich water.

Why is Fred “The Water Doctor?”

Fred’s dedicated research gave him the knowledge of how to apply various technologies in specific water applications, such as home treatment, agriculture, and the environment. Fred resolved to educate healthcare providers and their patients on what types of equipment would best suit individual needs.

Fred has become known as the most reliable source of accurate information and quality, high-performance water and air appliances. His money back guarantee is the longest in the industry, and has given patients (whose lives are often on the line) the confidence to trust Fred’s recommendations.

Fred has communicated truths in natural health care on his radio broadcasts, “Your Health, Your Choice.” His infomercials on showering and bathing have helped educate consumers on the health and beauty benefits of removing chlorine AND health-destroying chemicals from showers and baths that research shows are easily inhaled or absorbed through the skin. His infomercials on home air purification appliances have helped revolutionize the industry.

Fred has lectured and taught at many health conventions and seminars. He has the unique ability to make complex health issues simple and understandable. Most notably, the introduction of Essential Energy Products has created the greatest improvements in the environment and people’s health.

The combination of pure water, essential energy, and clean air have changed many people’s lives forever. This is Fred’s passion and purpose. He wishes the best of health to all who read this.

Marshall Sylver – The Millionaire Maker™

You may know Marshall Sylver as the #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. Sylver’s journey started on a Michigan farm where a mother, who worked three jobs to support her ten children, raised him. As a child, he experienced such hardships as no running water, no electricity, and no telephone. Through his mastering of the subconscious mind, Sylver turned his world around. He is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one personal development program worldwide. For over twenty years, Sylver has entertained, educated, and transformed the lives of thousands of people. He is the author of Passion, Profit, and Power, and through infomercials has sold over a million copies of his personal development programs worldwide.

Sylver travels around the country teaching empowerment seminars on subconscious reprogramming and persuasion & influence to audiences of all ages. In fact, his teachings on personal development have been the main attribute to his worldwide acclaim. He has led training programs for IBM, Ford, KFC, and Pepsi, teaching the management of these leading corporations how to motivate employees while also teaching staff how to easily produce higher sales. Sylver has been named “The Millionaire Maker™” and is one of the most soughtafter keynote speakers to date.

He has shared the stage with: Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Clinton, Robert Allen, and many others. Through education, Sylver motivates people to take action in the present moment and change their lives in a positive way forever. His book, Passion, Profit, & Power, published by Simon & Schuster, is a best-seller, which has been translated into numerous languages and distributed all over the world!

On TV, Sylver has educated and entertained audiences on The Late Show with David Letterman, Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, Dr. Joy Browne, Donny & Marie, Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, and The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch—where he used the power of influence to have Donny eat fire!

Sylver is truly a renaissance performer. Now a self-made multi-millionaire, Marshall Sylver is an example and inspiration of how a person can change who they are and create an amazing, successful, powerful life through understanding and mastering one’s mind.

Earlene Vining

“It’s not where you are,But where you’re going that counts. ”

It’s not where you are, but where you’re going that counts. This simple truth changed Earlene Vining’s life. First, by enabling a poor farm child to see the cotton fields of Louisiana as an opportunity – that by picking enough cotton, she could replace her flour sack clothes with beautiful store-bought dresses.

Later, the timeless principles of setting a goal, pursuing it, and enjoying its achievement led to a blossoming career: success in sales and management; a Presidential appointment to a government post; her own TV talk show; publication of her autobiography, Dream Big Dreams; a new book, Fountains of Inspiration, and frequent appearances sharing the platform with notable speakers such as Art Linkletter, Norman Vincent Peale, Ed Foreman, et al, both in the United States and in a number of free-world countries around the globe.

As CEO and President of Bee Creative, Inc. and Executive Vice President and co-founder of Executive Development Systems, Earlene puts her beliefs into daily practice. She is an instructor of the 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course conducted by Executive Development Systems… recognized as one of the most effective personal development training programs available today.

In addition to instructing personal development and sales seminars for companies throughout the United States, Earlene is a recognized, sought-after platform speaker and member of the National Speakers Association, the Business and Professional Women’s Club, and is listed in Who’s Who in the World of Women. As a certified Corporate Etiquette Consultant through Dorothea Johnson & Company of Washington, DC, the premiere protocol consulting firm, Earlene conducts training programs in international etiquette and protocol to corporate executives, sales and marketing executives, and others dealing with both domestic and international clients who need to know they are not only doing their best, but doing it better than anyone else.

Earlene is a snow skier, a private pilot, a mother of three, a grandmother, and a former fashion model for Diane Freis International. She flies hot air balloons, engages in white water rafting; she’s a champion skeet-shooter, a competitive fisherman…and she rides motorcycles, trikes and bikes across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and other exciting destinations, her favorites of which are Hawaii, Scotland and Africa.

While Earlene’s accomplishments are impressive, she has a unique ability to share the universal principles of success in a way that inspires others to achieve their potential. She helps her listeners to develop the habits and attitudes that lead to winning in life. She WALKS her TALK! Earlene shows you how having the best in life is like picking cotton – you just have to reach out and take it!

Juanita Ecker

Juanita Ecker, AICI, CIP is a corporate image and business etiquette consultant. As an international speaker and corporate trainer, Juanita is a recognized expert in the field of professional image and business etiquette. She has been a speaker at meetings and training conferences throughout the United States. Juanita publishes a popular blog called, Etiquette tips and Quips.

Ecker is trained and certified by the Global Protocol Academy as a business etiquette and corporate protocol expert. She has trained with the Lett Group on business decorum and business etiquette. Juanita is accredited as a Certified Image Professional (CIP) from the Association of Image Consultants International. The CIP designation is one of the most advanced levels of certification within the industry. She is certified as a corporate image consultant from The Academy of Fashion and Image. She has trained with the London Image Institute and The Conselle Institute of Image Management. Her education includes a B.S. in Sociology from The College of St. Rose and a M.S. in Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her column, “Image Matters” was a regular feature in The Business Review – the Albany Business Journal. She has published articles in local and national publications, she has been featured on radio and television interviews, and is the author of the book, Image Management: Image & Etiquette Tips for the Business Professional.

Juanita is an inspirational and motivational trainer. Her programs are fun, interactive and informative. Participants are able to immediately assimilate the material when dealing with prospects and clients. Some of her clients include: Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Dupont Pharmaceuticals, KeyBank, Waste Management, Carrier Corporation, Hallmark Cards, GE Global Research, Hess Corporation, Cox Communications, Maersk Inc., St. Gobain, Norfolk Southern Corporation, Medtronic, Allergan, Barnes Group Inc., Lockheed Martin, Delmar Publishing, and Northwestern Mutual.

Daniel Post Senning

Daniel Post Senning is the great-great-grandson of Emily Post and the manager of web development and online content at The Emily Post Institute. Dan joined the Institute full-time in June, 2008 and he brings a new perspective and fresh approach to the Institute’s mission to promote etiquette. Dan is a co-author of Emily Post’s ETIQUETTE, 18th edition, scheduled for publication in October 2011 and is a presenter of the Emily Post Business Etiquette Seminar series.

Since joining the Institute, Dan has graduated from the Emily Post Business Etiquette Train the Trainer program and has developed and maintained the Institute’s social media web presence. This includes the Institute’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as the question and answer blog Etiquette Daily.

In 2010, Dan developed a new web site for the Institute,, built around a searchable database of etiquette articles called “etipedia.” Dan has become an active spokesperson for the Institute, and has appeared on ESPN discussing business etiquette and has been interviewed by publications including The New York Times, Esquire, Glamour and The Wall Street Journal.

Prior to joining the Institute, Dan worked in the performing arts, touring with the Laurie Cameron Company based in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Pomona College and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology.

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