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What People Miss

April 9, 2014

In this post I want to talk about opportunities that are out there but we ignore them. Many opportunities will cross your path daily. We look at them and move on. How many did you let go? How many could have made you money or given you what you desired. If you are focused on money you could be throwing opportunities to the wind. Thinking and doing are 2 very different things. The process goes like this.

1. Think – Think about what you want.

2. Emotion – An emotion is created from that thought.

3. Look – Because of the emotion you look for something that will create the emotion.

4. Create – You then desire to create that in your life which mimics the emotion.

5. Know – In this phase you have found and mastered a process of system that gives you what you want.

Bottom line most do not get past the emotion phase of the process. Negative thinking or old programs start running and we give up before we get started thus ignoring great opportunities. Don’t let that be you. Go for your dreams. Investigate those strange opportunities that just happen to appear. Below I will divulged one of those opportunities. The training provided within is centered around a step-by-step method that if you follow it, you will succeed. I have been using the Think, Emote, Look, Create, Know method for years and have never failed with it.


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