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The Right Attitude

March 4, 2014
Having the right attitude is an essential prerequisite for success and happiness. The right attitude is also essential for putting your unique potential into action and acquiring a desired result. Here are some tips for taking control of your attitude and unleashing your potential. 
Use the past as a learning tool. “We must not beat ourselves to death with past mistakes, faults, failures and losses.” The greatest opportunity today brings with it “is the opportunity to begin the process of change.” 
Adopt a new attitude. It can be about “who we are, what we are, what we want and what we are going to do. Today can also be exactly like yesterday, and the day before; it’s all a question of attitude.” 
Develop self-awareness. “As we learn more about who we are, we begin to make better choices and decisions for ourselves and about ourselves. As our choices improve, so do our results, and as our results improve, so does our attitude.” 
One Comment
  1. I agree that we need a PMA which is a positive mental attitude. The first thing we need to dress with in the morning before setting our feet on the ground is putting on the RIGHT ATTITUDE. It took me years to NOT let others beliefs and comments “get to me” or “under my skin.” Now I am armed with a protection bubble if you will, to stay away from toxic people.

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