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December 14, 2012

This is so significant. Our human nature can enhance the self image or it can destroy it. Ironically it is totally up to us and no one else. We make the choice. We set the stage. We create our dreams as well as our nightmares.

Your Passion To Reality

Self ImageWhere it all begins

Your self-image is an imprinting created by past experiences and authoritative figures in your life. Depending on the perception or the intensity of the impression, your self-image can be life enhancing or life debilitating. Many times it is the later. The question must be ask, “How do you view yourself”? Who are you? You are not just a name. As an individual you must understand this and recognize it for what it is. Your self-image will either propel you to success or it will hold you back. Where are you?

This is where it all begins and it is always those seeds that are planted and nurtured that will compel you to grow or cause you to be stagnate. This affects every aspect of your life. It affects your health. It affects your wealth. It affects your relationships. I could go further with this but I…

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