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Animals in People

October 25, 2012

The Relationship Zoo

If we take a close look at people and animals we can quickly see a relationship in the behavior and character. There is some humor here but you get the idea. My hope is that with this information those who read this may relate and improve their character.

1. Porcupine – I am defensive and always ready to protect my status. I generally do not let people in.

2. Camillion – Nobody knows who I am. I am constantly changing with my environment and rarely reveal what I truly believe.

3. Monkey – Fun, Fun, Fun. Everything is fun and entertaining. There is little possibility of a serious moment.

4. Snapping Turtle – Stay away. I am angry at the world and I will come unglued at any time. I do not like to be approached.

5. Cow – I am totally passive and do not get involved. I care but not that much.

6. Cat – I am cunning and very independent. I am an opportunity seeker. I like you most of the time but my mood can change quickly.

7. Mouse – I hide a lot because I fear everything. I do not like taking chances as I see evidence everywhere that my environment is risky. My success is limited to small things.

8. Beaver – I work, work, work. I get a great deal done. I never slow down. I can’t seem to rest because there is always something that needs accomplished.

9. Snake – I am devious and always waiting for the right moment to strike. I will do whatever it takes to succeed and survive. My path forward is not always with character.

10. Dog – I am everyone’s beat friend. I like all people. I have never met a person I did not like. You can always count on me.

Which animal are you? How will you improve your character? Remember, a combination of some of these is best. Identify with yourself, work on the changes and you will see a huge difference in your success rate. Find out how to fine tune your character.

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