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Stepping Out of You Comfort Zone

October 24, 2012

I found this very inspiring and true. Shelda says it very well when she indicates that people have a great degree of difficulty stepping out of their comfort zone. I have coached people on this for a better part of my life and still do. If you step out the sky is the limit. Thank you Shelda for your blog and I certainly look forward to reading more from you.

Art Noel

Unmistakably Determined

During grade school I was considered to be the most quiet person in school. I never talked and I never started conversations. If there was a situation where I had to speak, I would only quietly say what needed to be said and resume my “quietness”. Back then, I told myself if I remain quiet and rarely speak, I would not get into any altercations and people would not know what I was thinking. It worked for some time and this trait lasted until my third year as an undergraduate student.

As I began to mature, I knew I had to break away from this unhealthy habit if I wanted to go far in life. Thus, I stepped out of my comfort zone and began speaking up. From that point on, opportunities started to arise. After I started getting actively involved in different organizations (which was WAY out of my…

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