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What have we become?

October 23, 2012

I am dedicating this blog to a topic which I am sure many of you have had some thoughts about lately. I have spent some time searching blog sites and I can’t believe how much garbage is out there. It is pretty obvious that our society is headed for real trouble when so many people find humor in defaming another person. That is indicative of a failed and degenerated society that needs to find fault with others, slander them and defame them for what purpose? I am not sure for what purpose but most likely to satisfy their own demented egos. In most cases I have looked at the individual being chewed up and the positives of their contributions heavily outweigh the one so-called negative that sometimes exists. Do we hate ourselves that much that we have to resort to this to build our self-esteem.

Recently I had the honor of spending time with some real pioneers in alternative health medicine/natural remedies. They have helped millions of people who the medical industry gave up on. In other words, the drug that only treats the symptom and causes other disorders did not cure the problem. By the way, a drug, per our infinite stupidity, is the only thing that can cure a disease. Imagine that. If you think differently on this that is ok because you don’t know what you don’t know. All drugs have side effects including death where as homeopathy is many times more effective and generally has no side effects. But, you are not allowed, by law, to ever say that a natural anything can cure anything. Only a man-made drug can cure!!! Do they think we are all morons? No they do not. It is their way of creating a monopoly for the big pharmaceuticals so we have fewer choices. Some of these great pioneers have been sued by the FTC and the FDA and put out of business for even suggesting it might cure the problem. Enough is enough except others get on board then and add insult to injury with these impecable blog sites that are set up to entice the slanderous activity.

As a society we have come a long way. Unfortunately, we have gone the wrong way because we seem to take pride in seeing people hurt.

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