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Training Balance Scale

September 30, 2012

This will be a short disertation on the Training Balance Scale. It is simply something that the average person does not know about nor can they comprehend the dynamics. This is taught at the highest levels of society and in the secret clubs around the world. To put it in simple terms I will make some clear points below.

1. Most people can not take a dream or a passion and make it a reality. Why, because they are not programed for success. Instead of thinking about what they really want in life and getting a burning desire for it, they think about it for 1 second, turn to the “how will I do it?” and the dream or passion becomes mush. We are programed all our lives to the negatives. SEE “Who Do You Listen To”

2. If you want to truly succeed you must constantly think about what you want not about the how. The reality is that you should think about the “how will I do it?” only 10% of the time. The other 90% should be on what exactly you want and have an obsession for it. The how will then come to you in one form or another. This concept is taught in “Your Wish is Your Command” (proven by Einstein), and the “Law of Success in 16 Lessons” by Napoleon Hill.

3. This pertains to all aspects of life whether it be health, wealth, business, personal developmet, or whatever. We are designed to be creative beings. We are in a constant process of working towards a dream or a goal. If you are not you feel bad. If you doubt this I invite you to do an experiment. Take a day off from your normal routine and just sit in your home and do nothing. Do not even entertain yourself by watching TV, etc. Write down how you feel. I guarantee you will not feel good. Now take a normal day and record how you feel. If you still feel bad but not as bad then you are  working towards a goal but not towards your bliss or passion. (What is your bliss – chief aim?)

Bottom line my friends you don’t know what you don’t know. You will reject this only because you do not want to admit to yourself that you could do better. You would rather get up every day and do the same thing while expecting different results. You make statements like, “Why can’t I be lucky like they are?” or Somebody helped them.” or ” I’m not smart enough.” There are a million excusses but face the facts. A very large majority of the most successful people throughout history lacked education and started with no money. The big difference is they had a dream and a burning desire for it’s achievement.

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