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Turn Your Passions Into Reality

July 21, 2012

We all have passions in life. Sometimes these passions are easily recognized and accomplished but sometimes as well we just aren’t sure what that passion is. Why? We have internal programs that are put there by authority figures in our life. As an example we are told as children that we can’t have, be, or do certain things. The most powerful negative statement is “You can’t do that.”  As Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar speaks at the Get Motivated Seminar...

Zig Ziglar speaks at the Get Motivated Seminar at the Cow Palace in Daly City, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

puts it, we are like a flea in a jar. Zig explains it like this. You put a flea in a jar with a lid and the flea will jump and jump hitting its head on the lid until finally the flea adjusts the height of the jump to within an inch of the lid. Once it does you can remove the lid and the flea will not jump out of the jar because it does not know that it can. The flea is thus trained. Life is the same way. If we put enough restrictions on ourselves and others around us we limit our desires as well as our passions because we do not know we have the potential.Hi. My name is Art Noel and I am a Mentor and Sanctioned Speaker for a global foundation dedicated to breaking those barriers. Our goal is to help as many people as possible see their potential and help them realize their passions in life. Most of our greatest contributors to the human race came from little or nothing only because they believed they could do it. We teach you how they did. Check out what Bill Gates has to say.

More To Come!

One Comment
  1. Love your intention – working out your bliss, achieving happiness, throwing off the corporate chains sometimes needs a little help – looks like you can provide this, keep it up.
    Share your stories with us,
    Divine secrets

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